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At the Age of 16!

Sohni came back from school and laid down on the sofa of her living room. Her whole body was aching and she felt like her legs are breakng apart.

"What happened dear?" Mom asked.

"My whole class was taken to the playground and made murga. for the whole Physics period. my body is breaking."

"For the whole period! how long is a period of yours?" Mom was a little shocked to hear this. "45 mintutes." "Oh! poor child." "Why did DBS had to stop at class nine! i wish i was back there." Sohni sighed.

Sohni had been in DBS since her kindergarten. Her family was Pakistani, but had always lived in Dubai since her parents got married. DBS was a good school  but it did not provide O'level classes. So students had to leave after class 9 and find another school for doing O'levels. So her parents got her admitted in PMD school which had O and A levels. it was a school for Pakistanis girls only. Sohni did not want to go in a all girls school but her parents were insistent that she gives Urdu paper as well and since that school was A'levels also, she would not have to go through the hassle of taking admission.

When Sohni started going there, it was a completely different environment. it was a complete Pakistani environment, where people usually spoke Urdu. The worst part was girls were made murga in the school. Girls of age between 16-19. First Sohni was not very alarmed to see other girls being made murga. but when she told her parents about this, they were surprised, because they knew that girls of such age are not punished like this, not even in Pakistan. But there was no question of leaving the school, Sohni had to spend 4 years in this school now, 2 years for O'levels and 2 years for A'levels.

"I'm never going to this school." said Maya, her younger sister. Maya said in her red skirt and white shirt, which was her school uniform. she also went to DBS since her kindergarten.  "and besides, i like wearing skirts, im not going to wear shalwar kameez." Maya was in class 8. she had one more year before she left DBS. "We will see dear, we will find another school for you." "Why does she have to go to another school and i have to go to this school where they humiliate students like this." said Sohni.

Her Mom had no answer.

Sohni often talked to her younger sister  about the punishments she got. in fact, on the dinner table she used to narrate to her entire family whenever the P.E. teacher made her murga, when the maths teacher made her murga, when the chemistry teacher made her murga. it was strange for her family that their daughter was facing this situation in the age of 16. they tried to be supportive and never made any funny remarks or made fun of her.

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Murga Punishment

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