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Back to the Future

Part 1

Ishika cried as she saw what had been completed. Three generations of her family had died tried to accomplish this task. She had finally completed the time traveling machine. Ishika and her team had sent a cat to the past. The cat had disappeared from the machine.

"I will make this journey now." Ishika told her team.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I will travel 10 years into the past, and help my father with making the machine. The past will change. Forever."

Many on Ishika's team were skeptical with this idea, nonetheless, they went ahead with it. A huge event was called, media from all over the world came to witness. Scientists from all countries were very interested to see it.

On 15th July 2016, Ishika stepped into the machine in front of a huge crowd of spectators. The machine started and Ishika started spinning. The machine was set to take her to 15th July 2006. She spun for around 5 minutes until she felt sick and almost fainted.

When she awoke, she was somewhere in a jungle.

What the hell? was the Science Center in the jungle ten years ago.

 Then she checked her watch, which was supposed to tell her the time she was in. She checked it and almost fell on the ground. The watch said 15th July 3006.

What the fuck. how did this happen. What am I supposed to do now.

She was completely naked. Apparently, the time machine had transported her body only. she checked herself to make sure her complete body had come.

Then she started looking around. The area was not a complete jungle. there were areas of plains as well. she was not aware of any such landscapes in India.

Where am I?

Then she heard horses. They were coming from behind her. Just when she looked back, there was a woman standing behind her with a spear pointed at her neck.

"Yield?" She asked her. "What?" "Yield!" she yelled at her.

Ishika was confused. Then she raised her hands up to show the woman she meant no harm. The other woman was naked as well.

Woman: Strange. I said yield.

Ishika: What yield? I dont know what you mean. I am lost. Do you know what place is this?

woman: Lost ah.

Other women on horses reached them as well. They were all naked but were wearing some necklaces.

Woman 2: who do we have here? She is nice.

woman: She will not yield. should i kill her.

Ishika: I yield. please don't kill me.

After a long commotion, Ishika's hands were tied and she was taken to their village. The women did not tell her where she was and where they were taking her.

Two days later Ishika got to know everything. The year 3006 was a post apocalyptic era. World war three had been fought and humans had gone back to the stone ages. She was indeed in India, but a very different India. The village she was brought in was ruled a Female Ruler, who was no less than worshiped. The customs were very very strange and astonishing here. Ishika got to know that when the woman told her to yield, she meant her to become murga. Murga punishment was very common. The female ruler, Aok, loved making murga. Nobody could stand before her. They had to become murga as soon as they came in front of her. They could only stand when she allowed. All females were remain to naked in the village.

There were very few men who were kept in cages. There were more than 100 women and just 15 men. Men were brought out chained to have sex with women whenever they wanted to make a women pregnant to reproduce. They did not use men for pleasure, only to reproduce. For pleasure, women had sex with each other.

There was Aok, who was their Goddess. Then came another tier of women, who ran things around the village, answerable only to Aok. Then there was the third tier, who were responsible for trade and running households. At the bottom of the Hierarchy were the women slaves. Ishika had been taken as a slave by one of the women in the third tier. The men were just like animals to them. Along with Ishika there were 2 more slaves. Her master was Donika.

Ishika received her first punishment 3 days after she was abducted. Staying naked all the time was feeling very bizarre and having so many naked females around her was very queer as well. Ishika was chosen by Donika to give her pleasure that day.

Donika: You have seen how others do it. Now it is your chance. I will punish you if you fail to pleasure me. I also expect a bit of innovation from you as you are new.

Ishika had indeed seen other slaves pleasuring Donika, but she could not imagine herself doing it. Ishika had never had sex in her life, although she was 26. She was straight as an arrow and only had fantasies about men. Pleasuring a women was a big challenge for her. The other slaves had warned her not to deny any order from Donika, otherwise she will face severe consequences, which will surely lead to death. So now she had to do things she had never done before and that too to  a woman. She was already feeling repugnant.

Donika filled the chair, something that looked like a chair, with her naked body and looked at Ishika with anticipation.

Maybe I should go for the vagina with my mouth. Or should I go for the breast. Or her lips.

A crisp slap landed on her face.

Donika: What the fuck you are waiting for?

Ishika started the usual with oral sex she had seen other slaves doing. She did not know where to put her tongue.

Another slap landed on her face. She stopped.

Donika: You have learned nothing. I will punish you now for my pleasure. Become Murga now.

Ishika became murga for the first time in her life. She could have never imagined it. Her thighs felt intimate. She was spanked with a stick, several times by Donika. With each stroke she thought to herself what she had come to do and what she was being made to do.

To be continued...

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