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Just Married couple Murga Punishment

Amir was a boy from Karachi. His marriage was arranged to a beautiful girl of Lahore, Rabya. When Amir laid eyes on Rabya he thought what a innocent and simple girl she is. Rabya was cute, olive skin, a good Punjabi matyaran. Amir had always loved Punjabi girls and to marry one was a dream come true. He thought that Punjabuns had more juice than other girls. Their bodies were more juicy and to have sex with them would be more fun.

Whenever they used to talk Rabya before marriage Rabya seemed to be very shy and reserved. Amir thought she would be a very obedient and perfect wife.

The first few days of the marriage were heaven as usual. But what came after the first week bamboozled Amir.

Rabya was getting ready to go for a bath. She had arranged everything on the bed, her clothes and her towel. Then rabya went out of the room for some errand because amir was in the bathroom. When amir came out he had to dry his hands so he used the towel which rabya had kept for her bath. When rabya walked back inside the room she saw amir wiping his hands with the towel she had kept for herself.

She quickly went to him and caught him by the ear.

“yeh kia kia tumne, mere towel ko geela krdia!” rabya said with such rage that Amir was taken aback. He had never heard this tone of Rabya.

“to? Thora sa tou howa hai.” Amir replied.

“yeh mene apni lia rakha tha!!” rabya screamed. She gave a slap to Amir and amir couldn’t fathom what to do.

Then she said, “ chal murga ban.”


“murga ban, warna chamaat khaiga aik aur. Ban murga forum.”

Rabya’s tone and her body language had changed completely. She had become from a sweet cat to a roaring lioness, ordering amir to assume the murga position.

Amir went into the murga pose.

From that day onwards, rabya regularly makes Amir murga for any or no reason at all. From a obedient wife she had become a mistress.

The end.

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Murga Punishment

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