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Shame for young girl

Saadia had to do it. She had no other choice. Her body slowly bent in the shape of a hen, and now she had to put her hands between her legs. This was  the most diffcult part. Slowly and gradually her hands went under her thighs. now she had to reach for her ears. it was difficult. she could not believe she was actually doing this in the school's assembly ground. as soon as her fingers took hold of her ears, this was it. she was now a complete murga. Saadia was in murga pose. she could not believe she was doing it. shame did not come to her at once. it took a moment. It penetrated drop by drop in her body until she started to feel it. Strangely the focal point of her shame was her panty.  Maybe if she were not wearing any undies she might not be feeling any shame, just a thought that came to her. It felt like all her shame had flown into her buttocks, and wants to burst out of her butt, but her panty was preventing it.

Saadia was not alone in this. There were 12 other hens with her, in 3 lines of 4 each. all the hens were keeping their bodies rock solid. their back part of kameez was flying because of the shape their bodies were in. They were punished because they had gone into a junior section building during the PE period. they were all in the senior section of class 10.

Saadia was finding it hard to keep hold of her ears because of the shame. But she had to do it. This was the most severe form of punishment she had ever received, she bet this was the first time all 12 hens had to become hens. They had greatly underestimated their new Supervisor.

Saadia was feeling a sense of intimacy with her body in this pose. She had never done yoga so putting her body in this kind of a pretzel was feeling intimate. Had it not been for her panty, she might have enjoyed doing it, MIGHT. her panty was now feeling tighter than ever. although it was the right size, she always wore the right size, but it was feeling tight. had her butt became bigger in murga punishment? how can it be possible. Surely the sticking out of the butt was not playing a role in this feeling as she knew that her panty size was fit for this. in this panty size she could perform all sorts of activites comfortably, like playing a volleyball, dancing, jogging and cleaning her room. All these activites required bending and sometimes squatting and she could do it without her buttocks flesh feeling tight. right now it was like her buttocks cannot breath and must free itself. was it shame or something else? she could not understand.

The bell rung, it was breaktime. Are they supposed to stand up or keep their positions? all the hens had this question in their mind. but none dared to get up because of the scolding they had received from the supervisor earlier. All thought it would be wise to just keep sitting as hens with their ears in their hands.

Students started coming for break and the 12 hens straight away started hearing laughter and chuckle. there they were, 12 hens in all their magnificence, keeping  their bodies so as not to look like humans but like hens. Saadia's mind was now reeling. now the shame that had build up in her butt, quickly spread in her body. her thighs, her hands, shoulders, her head and most of all her ears, were the areas she could most feel it. I should have stood up, she thought to herself, but now standing up was even more diffuclt, because there were students all around. some were standing and watching and some were passing by, making remarks, laughing and poking fun.  Saadia thought that her whole body was now red because of shame.

Then she heard the supervisor, "Heey you all, get away from them." then the students who were standing and watching started going away. now there was no student within a ten feet of the poultry farm that was set up by the supervisor.but they were still watching from afar.

it was about 15 minutes since they had started. Saadia's legs were paining so much now. Finally they were asked to get up when there was 10 more mintues left in break time. the 12 hens stood up and did not know what to do. none could face the other students. Saadia went into the washroom to hide.

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