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After becoming murgha 11 times in the last month, Saba was feeling very comfortable in the murgha pose with sweatpants on. the last 11 times she was made murgha by her tuition teacher, she was wearing either jeans, shalwar or tights, which made it very difficult.

Saba is 22 years old, but she is punished often by her tuition teacher who comes to teach her Calculus, a course she had failed 2 times in her university, at her home. they both go to  Saba's room and then Saba gets her lessons. the tuition teacher had looked very sweet and had a good attitude, but when it came to assignments, she was never easy on Saba. She used to make her murgha whenever Saba failed to do her assignment or did some silly mistakes in calculations. Saba was prone to make silly mistakes, so she got punishments regularly. When Saba was resistant to becoming murgha the first time, the tuition teacher had pulled her ear and said

Teacher: is any age too old to be a student? Saba: No Teacher: So how is becoming murgha too old for you? Saba: its inappropriate for girls. Teacher: Either become a murgha, or i will take you out with your ear in my hand and tell your parents you are not listening to me.

that settled that. Saba became murgha.

After her 11 murgha therapies, Saba had realized that becoming murgha in Shalwar was the worst. She wore shalwars with a lot of gear, it tangled with the hands and the cloth also came unto the face. Also, when she looked back in the murgha position, the shape of the edge of her buttocks looked really ugly, with the shalwar rucked at her butt. she didnt like it, she felt the rucked clothing on her buttocks is making the punishment even more embarrassing as she looked ugly. 2 other times she was made murgha in shalwar. Jeans was much better, it made going down and reaching for the ears easier. The view of her buttocks from down there was much much better. the shape of the buttocks showing and no rucked clothing. She realized becoming murgha in jeans is better than Shalwar. But jeans was tighter, and her thighs felt cramped. This made the pain in the legs become more worse. it felt less embarrassing to be a murghi in jeans but was more painful. One day she was wearing tights. When she was punished, her buttocks looked great, but it was not easy reaching for the ears. the thighs felt okay as the tights were stretchable, but it was causing a problem from the knees and calves. she should have pulled up her tights from her calves a little, that would have made it easier she guessed. She thought maybe she should do it, get up and pull up her tights a little. But then she thought it would look really stupid in front of the teacher, pulling up tights so that she could become murghi better. How ugly was that Idea. So she remained a murghi quietly in her discomfort. Up til now she had been made murgha in these 3 things.

Today she was wearing sweatpants. she had not changed after coming back from the volleyball game. When the tuition teacher ordered, "chalo, kaan pakro murgha bano", Saba went into the posture very easily. as easy as breeze. reaching her ears had never been easier. her buttocks looked great as well from down there. not as good as tights buttocks, but certainly better than jeans and shalwar buttocks. She felt as if she wasn't wearing anything as the sweatpants did not have any weight and were really stretchable and loosely fit. She bet she looked sexier as well as murgha in sweatpants. her sweatpants was light gray, with 2 black lines from the waist till the bottom of the leg. She thought maybe the tuition teacher might be turned on to look at her. the thought made her whole body wriggle. She was feeling so great as a murghi in sweatpants that she thought she could do it whole day. Her body pained less as it had become stronger after all those murgha sessions. She was feeling glorious as a murghi. it was strange feeling but she was. She felt like a real murghi. All her embarrassment, pain, and discomfort had disappeared. She felt like she would do buck buck bakaak and even lay an egg. Then suddenly she came out of her dreamland when there was a knock on the door. It was her older sister. She had come to give the tuition teacher a cup of tea. No one had ever seen Saba as a murghi. "Ohh, Murgha banaya hai aapne isse." said she, with an amusing voice. Saba felt shattered, and all that embarrassment, pain and discomfort of being a murghi came back. By the time she would get up all her family would know. her younger sister is going to make a hell lot of fun of her.

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