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Teacher's Day

Miss Sunaina was pulling Sara’s ear downwards very strongly. All the other girls had a grin on their face. Sara had not completed her homework and Miss Sunaina had warned of dire consequences for anyone who failed to complete the homework.

“why didn’t you do it? Tell me, I won’t let go until you give me a good reason.” Miss Sunaina said, still pulling Sara’s ear. Sara’s ear was paining so much, she felt like crying. She had not done the work because she had forgotten. But she was afraid to tell this reason.

“Miss, I had to go somewhere, I didn’t have time.” Sara said.

“give me another one.” Miss Sunaina was in no mood to let go of Sara’s ear. After a good 5 mintues, Sara’s ear was left and it was red. She rubbed it in order to reduce the pain.

“face the wall and stand.”

Sara had to stand for the rest of the class facing the wall in front of the class, that was the most humiliating day of her life. Miss Sunaina had enjoyed pulling Sara’s ear, unaware that this would lead to her most humiliating day of her life.

Every month the school has some event or the other. They go to a field trip in first month, they have a sports day in another and so on. This month they had teachers day. In teachers day every student gets to become a teacher for 10 mintues. And whoever becomes the best teacher gets an award. The teacher has to sit in the students place and do everything like a student.

While Sara was facing the wall, she thought she might have her revenge on Miss Sunaina on teacher’s day. It may prove to be disastrous for her later on, but she will take it.

On teacher’s day, Sara’s turn was the third. The other 2 girls had taken a quiz of the class and whoever scored less was punished by making her stand in her place.

Sara had some other things in mind. When her turn came she walked up to the class and said that she will teach the class how to dance. She is going to call everyone one by one and teach them a step.

She Miss Sunaina first. Miss sunaina came and Sara showed her a funny step. Miss sunaina laughed.

“why are you laughing? Do u think im joking here.” Sara said with a serious look.

“the step is so funny, you can’t expect me to do this.” Miss sunaina still had a smile on her face.

“murga bano.” Sara said, loudly so that it would sound authoritative.

“what? For what?”

“for making a joke of the lesson.”

“but I never give such punishments in class, how can u ask your teacher such thing, you should be ashamed.”

“I am not you. When I am the teacher, students get strict punishments, now become a murga before I pull you by the ear.” Miss sunaina was now in a difficult situation. If she would have got standing punishment, or even ear holding punishment she would have taken it. Ear holding was fine, but murga is too much.

“look Sara, im not becoming murga.”

“ok, so now you are being a role model of disobedience.”

Now Miss Sunaina was in more difficult situation. The teachers also have a duty in teacher’s day of showing how obedient students should be. Now she was showing to be a disobedient student.

Miss Sunaina still lost and confused went down into the murga pose. All students were shocked and enthralled to have a look at her. Miss Sunaina could not believe what she had done. She was 27 years old and she had become murga in front of such young girls. What respect will she have now in the class. Seconds seemed like hours. For every second she held her ears in the murga pose, her heart beat fastened, her face went redder and her legs started paining. She kind of like froze. She thought about getting up, but still was unsure what to do. Twice or thrice she almost made up her mind to get up, but now she had another doubt in her, the fear of facing the class after becoming a murgi. she was in this chaotic mind set that 7 mintues passed. Miss Sunaina could not focus on what was happening in the class now. How well Sara was carrying out her responsibilities of being a teacher.

Just then the headmistress walked in the class. The headmistress usually takes a round when this day is carried out.

“what is happening here?” she said after looking at Miss Sunaina in the murga pose.

Miss Sunaina at once got up with a red face.

“you have punished a teacher like this?” she said to sara, then looking at miss Sunaina, “ you also became this Sunaina, how could you?”

Miss Sunaina felt like a complete fool and an idiot.

“we do not administer such punishments in school.” Said the headmistress and left.

the end.

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