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The Kurshutras

Shivaji: The Kurshutras make their women murga.

Sehrish heard these words from Shivaji and did not know what to make of this. Will I have to become murga for the rest of my life?

She remembered when she was made murga last and that was when she was 6 years old. After that it was considered inappropriate for girls to become murga. And now she is being told in the age of 22 that she will have to accept murga punishment for the rest of her life if her mother accepts the marriage proposal.

The Kurshutras were a wealthy and a powerful family in the whole district. Surely, Sehrish would spend her life in richness, but there was a catch.

Shivaji: Sometimes the head of the family gets so mad, that they assemble all women of their house in the hall and make them murga en masse. I have seen it myself. Their daughters even. The ones that are married too. I have even seen the friends of their daughters who are visiting them get punished. They spare no one.

Maa ji: So you mean to say that my daughter will have to face this issue, other than that there is no problem?

Sehrish did not say anything as it is considered unfitting for a girl to talk about marriage.

Shivaji: See maa ji, I haven't seen anything else. I do not know what other things they do to their women, but all I can say is that your daughter will wear finest clothes, heavy jewellery and spend her life in the most rich way.

 Sehrish sat there silently, while her fate was being sealed. She imagined herself in a fine silk saree and gold necklaces and having being asked to become murga in that. The thought rattled her. She had always dreamed of being married in a rich family and having a lot of servants to do her work. But now when the rich families proposal had come, she got to know that will have to become murga for the rest of her life.


One year later Sehrish was married to Shah Kurhsutra. she got her first murga punishment when she had gotten late for lunch. She was made murga in the hall, alone. The humiliation was unbelievable. The hall was the center of the house and everyone came and went from here. Even outsiders were coming in the house for one business or the another. She realised her body had grown enormously since the last time she was punished murga. It was difficult to become murga in a larger body than a small one. And much more humiliating.

One week later naked murga punishments started as well. But to Sehrish's relief only in the bedroom. Her husband made her naked murga usually before having sex. One day she tried to be playful and said she doesn't want to be murga. her husband gave a spanking she never forgot.

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