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The Strip Searcher

Tanya Sharma was an immigrant from India. She joined the New York Police Department as a job. She was 24 years old when she did so. She had on field duty as well as office work. One day she was given the work of stripping a lady and then searching her. Tanya was a lesbo. And in that moment she just thought she had landed her dream job. She asked the suspect to strip. The suspect was probably in her 20s and very beautiful. The lady started taking off her clothes, first the shirt and then the pants. Then she removed her underwear. Tanya was instantly turned on. She had never seen a naked woman in her life. This was a sight to behold. Then Tanya put her hands on her buttocks and stroked her hands over it, although she was not required to do so as part of the search. Then she came behind the suspect and asked her to bend down. The suspect bent down and Tanya put both her hands on the cheeks of the butt and separated them even further as to make the gap wider. She kept doing it for a while until she heard someone else coming in so she left her thing did as standard procedure. After the other policewoman went out then she again had the urge to do something with the suspect but something different this time. Tanya: I want you to do the murga position now. Suspect: what is the murga position? Tanya: it’s like this. Then Tanya showed her how to become murga. The suspect immediately went into the pose without protesting. Then Tanya’s imagination went wild. She thought of all the things she could do with suspects. She could make any suspect murga and fulfill her weird fetish. One week later Tanya is in search for someone to arrest, so she could strip search her and make her murga. She had the right to arrest anyone and strip search her. But this time she was looking for someone she had a taste for. A desi girl, Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi, someone who knew what murga punishment is so that she could enjoy the shame on her face. She found her target. A girl sitting in the park. She just littered. She looks Indian. She is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Tanya goes to her. Tanya: what is your name miss? Priya: Priya. Tanya: why did you throw that can here? Priya: I am so sorry officer, I’ll just pick it up. Tanya: picking up will not serve the purpose would it? Priya: what do you mean? Tanya: are you from india? Priya: yes. Tanya: I am also from india. And Indians like you spoil our name here. We Indians have made india dirty, and now we are doing the same in other countries. You must be taught a lesson. Priya: I am really sorry officer. I will not do it again. Tanya: I will have to arrest you. Priya: what??!! Priya was shocked. Being arrested for throwing garbage. Priya: you cant arrest someone for throwing garbage. Tanya: no I cant. But I have the right to detain anybody for 24 hours for no reason. So im going to detain you for 24 hours to teach you a lesson. This is not my duty, but im doing it to protect the name of India here, to teach Indians a lesson. Tanya took out her handcuffs and took hold of priya. Then she placed the handcuffs on priya’s arms at the back. Priya’s arms were now resting on her butt. Priya was pleading for mercy, but Tanya had some ulterior motives. Once Priya was handcuffed, Tanya pulled her by the ear and took her to the car. All the way, Priya constantly said aao, ouch, ooo, and kept begging to let her free. Tanya put her at the back of her car and rode off for the police station. Once there, Tanya took her out and again pulled her by the ear inside the station. There she let her to the room where the suspects are strip searched. Then she removed the handcuffs. Tanya: strip. Priya: what?? Tanya: you are supposed to be strip searched before any further things are done. Priya: but why? And for what? I don’t have any weapons. Tanya: we don’t strip search for weapons. It is a standard procedure. Now you start stripping or else I will have to call other policemen to do it. And they will be male. Priya could not believe she was being asked to do this. But she started denuding herself. Once completely naked, she was stroked on her assets by Tanya as if searching for something. Then came the thing which Tanya wanted so much. Tanya: become murga. Priya by now was very embarrassed and in a very yielding position. She did not know why she was being asked to do this, all she knew that she could land herself in big trouble if she does not listen to Tanya. Priya became murga for the first time in her life. Completely naked, she was feeling cold because of the AC. Tanya was enjoying the full view. She wanted to live and revel every moment of this. Tanya: buttocks up. Priya upheld her butt as much as she could. Her legs were giving up on her. Then Tanya finally decided to end her punishment when she saw priya was tired. Tanya: I still have 15 more minutes of your detention. What punishment should I give you? How about a bare bottom spanking. Priya was shocked. She could not even react when Tanya was pulling her by the ear and taking her on her lap. Priya was now on her lap, with her butt ready for a hard spanking. Then the swats started coming. Tanya’s hand started landing with good force on the smooth plains of Priya’s butt. It was very painful, but Priya tried not to scream or give a moan. After about 20 swats on each cheek Tanya was done. Priya with a soar butt started wearing her clothes.

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