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I have spent 2 years in college and I have come to the view that girls in colleges should be made murga for offenses. These are the following reasons for it:

1) College girls are usually very naughty and difficult to control.

I have seen that girls in colleges are always looking for naughty things to do. Like sneaking out of hostel at night, bunking classes, playing pranks on teachers, ragging their juniors etc. the reason for this is because the penalties are not very severe. Just imagine if all the seniors who are caught ragging their juniors made murga in the college ground. Would there be ragging? If girls caught bunking are taken to their class and made to sit as murgas, will they ever bunk their classes again?

2) College girls will take murga punishment more seriously

This is the most important reason I have this belief. Usually only little girls, up to class 5 are given murga punishment, after that it is considered inappropriate to make girls murga. But little girls do not take it seriously. they laughingly complete their punishment without feeling a hint of shame.  if a college girl is made murga, she will feel the shame and learn her lesson. Psychologically grown up girls are more suitable for murga than little girls.

3) Just imagine the sight of 20-25 college girls in murga pose.

this will surely serve as a deterrent for other girls to not make anymore nuisance.

4) Murga pose is very good for the brain

College is a place where students have to deal with a lot of pressure. So if their brain is functioning at optimum levels, they can deal with it better. So if college girls are made murgas for academic reasons, like not scoring well, or not meeting assignment deadline, they will do better. It is almost like helping the poor performing students so that their brains work well.

have i missed anything. do let me know in the comments.

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