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This site is intended for educational purpose only & to bring awareness about benefits of Murga Punishment to the entire world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create awareness in the entire world about murga punishment and its benefits as a form of yoga that cures many dangerous diseases & increases brain efficiency.

Our mission is to provide a safe place for everyone who likes & supports murga punishment. 

Benefits of Murga Position

Since the ancient times murga punishment was common in south asian countries. Here are some of its benifits that are scientifically proven.

1. Increases blood circulation

2. Increases brain efficiency

3. Makes body flexible

4. Helps in excessive fat loss

5. Increases fertility in women


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It requires a lot of money and time to maintain this site and to pay for domain and hosting and for obtaining fresh content. So, please support us by purchasing the videos or by donating us.

We strongly condemn obscenity and pornography, all videos in the store are focused on scientific yoga form of murga punishment. 

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If you like our service and want to support us by any amount you are welcome to do so. Any help from your side would be highly appreciable and would help to make this place more better in future. 

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